ā yí

Definition: lovingly translated as aunt or close family friend/relative - someone who may even cook dishes for you while away from home


"Where Can I Find Dumplings That Taste Like Ones Made In China?"
We are focused on bringing you the most genuine, authentic tasting healthy dumplings straight from the streets of Beijing. Most frozen dumplings are unhealthy (having been frozen for months and high in salt/fats) and many restaurants offer their own Americanized versions or as cheap appetizers.

Our story and our products are driven by our customers: most of our current customers are transplants from China/Taiwan or expats who have lived in China for some time and crave what they had there. And these are dumplings their mothers or hosts would have made and they have not had much success finding such tastes near where they live in NYC without having to travel far to Flushing


What you see is what you get!

We make frozen dumplings precisely because we want to deliver the most fresh and uncompromised taste to you. Remember how the dumplings in your takeout order never looked or tasted the same as advertised? This is almost impossible to fix because cooked dumplings become sticky or oily if not eaten immediately.
By freezing the dumplings, we are also freezing the freshness, and when you boil them, as easy as boiling water, they will come as just as fresh as when we made them. We make sure what you see on our website is what you get!